Still Time (And Openings) for Last Summer Session

Normally, school children have few reasons to look forward to the end of summer. However, the Deer Lake Day Camp just gave them one: It just announced it has openings for its last session.

That would be an Aug. 12-16 period, the last of the summer, with room for about 20 more campers. That contrasts with this summer’s three two-week sessions, the first of which is underway. Each is full to capacity with 190 individuals. Moreover, each has a waiting list.

But the last week of the camp? Not so much … yet.

“It’s a great opportunity,” said camp co-director Jenn Carroll, “for people who haven’t been to camp yet to give it a try. Plus, it’s a perfect chance for a last hurrah before they start school”

Carroll and her husband, Brian, have been in charge of Deer Lake since last summer when they succeeded Mark and Patty Clifton, who ran Deer Lake for four decades. This, however, is the first summer they’ve acted alone. Patty Clifton was in charge of the 2023 summer camp before stepping aside after 37 years.

With that change have come others. There’s a fresh look to the waterfront, with new docks laid out in the shape of an H instead of a T. There are more counselors than a year ago. There are more local buses, too, with a third added for Killingworth. And there’s a mid-summer break, with the Arthur C. Luf Burn Camp taking over Deer Lake at the end of July for two weeks.

It’s the second consecutive year the Burn Camp has partnered with Deer Lake but the first to occur during the summer – forcing the Carrolls to juggle the schedule. For that reason, the summer camp was pushed back later than usual into mid-August.

“Things so far have been going great,” said Jenn Carroll. “What really fills my cup is when, at the end of the day, I see kids singing camp songs as they’re getting into their cars. They’re taking a little bit of magic home with them.”

So how can interested persons register? Easy. They can call the camp office at (203) 421-85848, e-mail or go on line to

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